About Us
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Jiayou international is committed to be an outstanding international logistics supplier carrying social responsibility actively. We uphold the concept of sustainable development of social responsibility throughout the management system. To promote the fulfillment of social responsibility with the harmonious development of the company, we introduce social responsibility into every link of the company's daily operation. 

Social Responsibility stakeholders include: government, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, employees, community, media and so on. 


- Strictly observe relevant laws and regulations of involved countries and regions, operate lawfully, pay taxes as required and fulfill other legal liabilities

- Provide various employment opportunities by increasing investment, adding new projects, expanding employment to give back to the community and keeping close contact with local communities

- Actively carry out public welfare activities and provide charity donations to public welfare in the community

- Announce relevant business operation information to the public, stakeholders and communities through various channels


- Construct a learning organization to supply multiple platforms for trainings

- Promote a diverse and inclusive culture, respect the cultural sensitivity and create the recruitment strategy with localization and no gender discrimination

- Care for employees' health, promote people-oriented and safety-first safety management, and strengthen safety operation through various safety precautions and training


- Strictly control impact on environment generated by the company's operation to assist overall ecological civilization

- Promote cleaner production, make reasonable use of resources and achieve sustainable development

- Increase R&D investment year by year to reduce energy consumption through technology innovation