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Jiayou International Logistics Co., LTD., founded in Jun. 2005, is the first cross-border multimodal logistics enterprise in China. The company was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange A-share main board market in 2018 (Stock Code: 603871), and is an international, sustainable and profitable leading logistics enterprise in China.

Jiayou International business includes domestic and international multimodal transport, logistics infrastructure investment and operation and supply chain trade. The company focuses on areas with strong cross-border demand for land transportation such as Mongolia, Africa, and Central Asia. It invests in and operates logistics infrastructure such as roads, bonded warehouses and customs supervision sites. It gathers logistics talents and integrates logistics resources worldwide to provide customized supply chain trade and logistics service products for customers. Our business covers more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and so on.

Jiayou International adheres to the advanced concept of "Science & Technology Help Logistics Standardization", and develops the traditional logistics service to digitalization, intelligence and information technology. The "logistics Information Management System" independently developed by the company can monitor and record the whole process of every single logistics product from customized plan to delivery, share information synchronously, realize real-time data analysis and processing, and finally form the company's rich intelligent product database to ensure the long-term and stable development of the company's business. The company takes the logistics information management system as the core and integrates different specialized information systems. Among them, "Intelligent Warehouse Management Information System" has been rated as "Excellent Application of Intelligent New Technology Innovation of China's Transportation informatization", and "Jiayin Lucky Logistics" intelligent logistics platform has been rated as "Innovative Technology of China's Transportation Informatization".

Jiayou International has the qualifications of international freight forwarders, online freight platforms, and non-vessel carriers. It is a member of the International Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA), China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA), and International Freight Forwarders Alliance (WCA). Driven by the "Belt & Road" national development strategy, Jiayou International leverages the brand resources accumulated in the markets along the "Belt & Road" such as China and Mongolia, Central Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia for a long time to accelerate the company's modernization, internationalization and diversified development process on purpose to provide new opportunities for the world with the new development of China’s enterprises and contribute to the common development of the global economy.

Safety Commitment

Jiayou International Logistics is dedicated to environmental protection as well as employees’ health and safety. Cherishing life and protecting environment has been one of key tasks of the company. To meet requirements stipulated by relevant domestic and international laws, regulations and HSE (health, safety and environment) system the company has established and optimized well-developed management system with respect to safety management and environmental protection. Based on compliance of system requirement, the company practices the following with feasibility while conducting businesses...


Social Responsibility


Jiayou international is committed to be an outstanding international logistics supplier carrying social responsibility actively. We uphold the concept of sustainable development of social responsibility throughout the management system. To promote the fulfillment of social responsibility with the harmonious development of the company, we introduce social responsibility into every link of the company's daily operation.
Social Responsibility stakeholders include: government, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, employees, community, media and so on.



  • JR Global Logistics, Inc.

    with Shanghai port as center supplies cross-border multimodal transport and integrated logistics operation therein.

  • Jiahe International Finance Lease (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

    with the basis of clients accrued by JiaYou International relating to cross-border multimodal transport and supply chain, provides supporting and value-added services of finance lease of logistics machinery and equipment covering full industry chain for domestic and abroad customers.

  • Jiaying Intelligent Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

    with focus on intelligent logistics and basis of cross-border multimodal transport , one of JiaYou International ‘s main businesses, realizes the combination of AI, Internet of Things and cloud technology in traditional logistics service by operating e-commerce platform of “JiaYingJiYun”. The platform not only enhances overall freight capacity and market scale of JiaYou International but also transforms and upgrades intelligent operation of traditional logistics to ensure safety and compliance.  

  • Jiazhong Clean Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

    by building clean energy logistics base, covers unloading, transport, storage and trading etc. of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Yangtze River Delta Region.    

  • Jasn International Pte. Ltd.

    taking full advantage of Singapore as a major international shipping and financial center, supplies global cross-border multimodal transport and supply chain trading 

  • Jiahong International Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

    with Tianjin Port as center supplies cross-border multimodal transport and integrated logistics operation therein.

  • Jiayou Supply Chain (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd.

    with Urumchi as center supplies cross-border multimodal transport, logistics service from Xinjiang to other inland cities and trading management of supply chain.

  • Damao Banner Jiayou International Supply Chain Trading Co., Ltd.

    with Mandula port as center provides trading management of international supply chain for Sino-Mongolian end users.

  • Inner Mongolia Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd

    operates 78,000 quare meters areas under customs supervision in Erenhot port located in Sino-Mongolia border; supplies cross-border multimodal transport and comprehensive port operation service; runs vehicle fleet qualified for international road transport and customs regulatory transport.

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodu Jiayou International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    operates 100,000 square meters areas under customs supervision in Ganqimaodu port located in Sino-Mongolia border; supplies cross-border multimodal transport and comprehensive port operation service; runs vehicle fleet qualified for international road transport and customs regulatory transport.

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodu Huafang International Logistics Co., Ltd.

    operates 350,000 square meters areas under customs supervision with main business of storage, customs clearance and distribution of coking coal imported from Mongolia. The company is an important pivot linking place of origin of the coking coal in Aimag province of Umnogovi and China domestic end users.

  • Wulate Zhongqi Ganqimaodao Jinhang International Logistics Co.,Ltd.

    operates the only customs bonded warehouse of 169,000 square meters in Ganqimaodu, a Sino-Mongolia border port 

    and provides diversified bonded logistics warehousing services for those non-ferrous metals imported from Mongolia.

  • Bayannur City Linjin Logistics Co., Ltd.

     operates the first Bonded Logistics Center (type B) of 250,000 square meters in the middle-west of Inner Mongolia. The Center supplies bonded warehousing, international logistics distribution, simple processing, export and import, re-export, export rebate, cross-border e-commerce etc.

  • Inner Mongolia Wanli Trading Co., Ltd.

    supplies to domestic and abroad suppliers and customers integrated logistics value-added services including selection of suppliers, appraisal, entering into trading contracts, document management, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing, transport through delivery which enhance efficiency of goods delivery and achieve seamless connection among procurement, documentation and transport.