About Us
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Jiayou International Logistics is dedicated to environmental protection as well as employees’ health and safety. Cherishing life and protecting environment has been one of key tasks of the company. To meet requirements stipulated by relevant domestic and international laws, regulations and HSE (health, safety and environment) system the company has established and optimized well-developed management system with respect to safety management and environmental protection. Based on compliance of system requirement, the company practices the following with feasibility while conducting businesses:

- Protect personnel's health and safety

- Protect property security

- Preserve the ecological environment

- Gradually improve health and safety performance

HSE purpose: people-oriented, prevention-based, full participation and continuous improvement

- Comply with laws and regulations of countries and regions where activities are carried out and respect local customs and practices

- Apply safe operation guidelines at work

- Maintain high standard of health and safety awareness among all employees

- Keep in mind that health and safety issues are the primary liability of the team leaders

- Assign qualified, trained, competent staff for the job

- Encourage total involvement of HSE to ensure self and others safety in workplace

- Ensure that all employees follow the work safety system in workplace

- Make employees participate with harm identification and risk control

- Ensure equipment supplied by the company or on its behalf is appropriate for stated objective

- Audit implementation of HSE policy

- Disclose HSE performance